We are four sisters from the Indian state of Gujarat and the Swaadish story starts with our family recipes. 

Handed down the generations, we got them from our parents. 

As kids we spent hours in our kitchens learning about the magic of spices, herbs and local ingredients.  Growing up we cooked them for our children, families and friends. 

We couldn't always find these authentic flavours in the UK and the more we cooked, the more people asked for the recipes and the sauces.

Over the last six years we've been working on our sauces and have now got six that bring the magic of Gujarat to your senses with every mouthful. 

Despite making our sauces in bigger pots, we still believe in cooking in small batches and keeping the home cooked, personal touch. 

In case you are wondering where the name comes from. Swaadish means tasty. A phrase we believe to be true of every jar you eat.

Please keep in touch and if you've still got questions, read our Q & A.